My 5K budget Wedding

Planning a wedding is hard work. Especially if you have a soon-to-be husband like mine who's only opinion for the entire wedding was he wanted to wear boots and have BBQ. I could have planned a destination wedding in Jamaica and if he has his boots and BBQ he would have been happy. As if my man child fiance wasn't a big enough struggle I had another huge hurdle... a five thousand dollar budget. 

I'm here to tell you that it is totally possible to have you dream wedding for five thousand dollars. 

First, let me start with my dress, it was everything I could have ever wanted, and it was on the sales rack (SCORE!). If they don't have your size on the sales rack don't worry, mine was a size 8 and they took it into a size 4. The alterations lady became my best friend the last two months before the wedding! 

The next thing is the ceremony and reception space. This is where we saved a TON of money. We had it in our backyard. We were lucky enough to live on almost two acres so we had plenty of space, but if you don't have a big backyard or access to property, local parks are a great option. Just make sure you check local laws about alcohol. We also saved a lot of money by only needing to rent chairs. I had my heart set on farmhouse tables. After lots of calling around I found out the only company that had them was renting them for $200 each! I absolutely could not justify spending that much, especially since we needed 10.  Of course my mom came to the rescue like always and made all the farmhouse tables for the wedding. In fact we made all the decor for my wedding, the arbor, the bar, and every sign. It made it much more special. 


We also saved money on photography and entertainment, my brother-in-laws best friend plays the guitar and is a DJ on the side, and the talented Lindsey from Lindsey Anna Photography in Orlando is a close family friend. My bridesmaids and I all got ready together; we took turns doing each others hair and make-up. We were very blessed to have such amazing family and friends to help make our day special. 


 Most of our budget went to food and alcohol, but hey isn't that the good stuff?! We had BBQ catered and then bought all the alcohol at Sam's Club. Since we had a little extra room in the budget we got custom koozies and hired two bartenders. 

The best part of my wedding was marrying my best friend (yes my man child husband),  and being surrounded by everyone we love. I couldn't imagine a more perfect day and staying within budget was just the cherry on top! If you are planning a budget wedding stick within your budget, don't let anyone try and convince you to spend money on something you don't need. After all this day is about you and your husband and the joining of two families. Family is always whats most important! 

My mom and I are now helping other brides have their dream wedding on a budget by renting my tables, place settings, and decor!